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Agents' Guns
Cell Phones
Neo's Boots
Neo's Company
Room 303
Sun Glasses

Big Issues

Matrix 2&3
Why see The Matrix
Well, as most of you have probably found that there are a bunch of hidden details in The Matrix. But if you haven't seen it yet, then it's still not a bad
idea to read most of this to see if you can spot some of these plus more! Here is a list of several hidden details that I have put together... You can also submit many more things that you know about this movie to me by sending an email to I will post up your message, and if you want me to have any additional information posted be sure to say so in the e-mail.

Definition of Matrix:

A rectangular array of elements set out by rows and columns; An enclosure within which something originates or develops

Agents' Guns:

The gun Agent Smith uses is a 50 caliber Desert Eagle. It is very heavy and very loud, and almost impossible to fire with one arm. (and he fired it with one arm the whole movie.) Also in the beginning of the movie when Agent Smith is chasing Trinity on the rooftop, when he is leaping to another building there is a billboard with an eagle on it (with the same gun as Agent Smith) shooting smoke out of the barrel

Room 303:

Room 303 is used several times throughout the movie. The first place used was the first seen with Trinity in the "Heart O' the City Hotel." Room 303 was also the same room number
that Morpheus and Neo went to visit the Oracle. Once again, it reappears when Neo is running down the hallway at the end. (the hallway where he is being chased by agents and realizes that he's the one.

Cell Phones

The phones often used in "The Matrix" are a 7110 series. It is a European GSM model that is not for sale in the United States.


The sunglasses are Vanni series number 771. From every source I have heard from, they say these sunglasses are very uncomfortable.
One of the best action scences in the movie when Neo and Trinity are breaking into the Matrix Building

Neo's Boots

The boots Keanu Reeves wears in the movie are Airwalk. At this time, they are not available at any store.

Neo's Company

The company Neo works for is "Metacortex," but inside it is spelled "Metacortechs."


The woman in the red dress is played by Fiona Johnson, This is her first movie roll, Her other work is the 1992 TV movie "Gummed Labels." She played "The Driver." (which was also a very small roll)


Matrix 2 and 3

Yes, Keanu Reeves has signed to two Matrix Sequals entitled Matrix 2 and Matrix 3. They are going to be released back-to-back. (within months!) To read more about this go to

Why do they call it "The Matrix?"

Have you ever wondered why in the world do they call this movie, "The Matrix?" Probably a lot of people have asked this question and many more about this movie. Well, the name is not that much different from our computer operating systems we have now....and since the movie is taking place around 1996-2070 and the Matrix being quite a few years old it would have a similar name as these operating systems. Right now some of the main operating systems are Unix and Linux type systems. So, these name is actually not that far off from "The Matrix." Another way of looking at it is that the matrix is the language, but we are the computer "reading" the code enstead of the operator like now. We are all connected together basically like the internet and the A.I. (artificial Intellegence) is the one controling us and decides what we do and don't do, similair to what we do to the computer as the operator. This is my reasoning behind it even though I could be wrong, but I am almost definately sure that this is correct.

There is also a Matrix language already out used by many companies... if you have done a search trying to find stuff about "Matrix" the movie, you are sure to get a bunch of webpages saying that they are written in the matrix language. Basically you could say Javascript and HTML are similair,though simpler, but I think that Matrix is more or an operating system like Unix, Linux.

Songs in the Matrix but not in the Soudtrack

The Song Neo was listening at the begining in front of his computer

The song Neo is listening to when he is first introduced is "Dissolved Girl." It is performed by Massive Attack and is not on the soundtrack.

The soung in background of the trailer and television commercial?

The song is called "Eyes of the Truth" by Enigma. you can listen to the whole song by clicking here. It is in Real Audio format, and was provided by

Why you should see "The Matrix!"

First of all, you should see The Matrix because, in my opinion, the best movie made! The Matrix fits mainly under Sci-Fi because it is most-likely unrealistic but never-the-less very possible. Everything in the Matrix has almost no boundries, which is another thing that makes this movie sooo cool! Yeah, the other movies had to follow some rules like gravity, speed, inertia, but this has only one rule..... none of the other rules apply.

This movie is also very heavy on action which is also a definate plus!! The action is unimaginable in any other movie but since there are no boundries to follow, the action scenes are incredible. Not to mention all the special effects that make it even that much better.

Did I mention stuff blows up?? Well, of course!! How can you have a good movie without a good explosion and the special effects to back it up??!! Almost anyone should like this movie, because of it's intensity. This movie also stays

intense the whole 2 hours too! It is and stays very exciting but also if you are paying attention you find hidden details which make the movie that much better. If you're looking for action, this movie DEFINATALY has it. If you're looking for a movie with an ingenious idea for a plot this is also the right spot, because there are so many details almost perfectly placed in here that make it all the more exciting.

Created: 8/27/99